How I Started My CrossFit Journey

One thing that fascinates me is how people came to start their CrossFit journey. How they found out about it? Why did they start? Why did they stay? Have their goals changed?

Now I must throw it out there that I am just your average CrossFitter but I’m super proud of how far I have come. I can deadlift 206kgs, Back squat 140kgs, Fran in 4 minutes, C&J 105kgs, 7 muscle ups unbroken, can walk on my hands and have a 1:31/500 row. Now these things aren’t up around what the elite are throwing down at the CrossFit Games in a few days but I’m proud of them and worked bloody hard to achieve them.

I first started CrossFit after giving up playing footy since I was a kid (because I hated playing in the rain), then I got bored of lifting weights at the gym so I started up and competed in Muay Thai. I loved Muay Thai and still think it’s a fantastic sport but I didn’t feel strong and confident weighing 61kgs for my 1st fight. So after 3 years of Muay Thai I started CrossFit (after witnessing Nathan Wiese consistently increase in size over 12 months) like most guys, with the sole purpose of getting ‘bigger’. Within a few months I jumped up to 66kgs and then I was hooked. Not only because of the 5kg gain and the fact I have always struggled to put on weight but I was actually enjoying ‘lifting weights’ albeit not in the conventional sense. I feel in love with my box (CrossFit Adelaide) and was drawn to it day after day, week after week. My coach Ben Norman creates such a great environment, plus it helps that he really knows his shit and is as funny as Kevin Hart.

I remember looking up to certain people at the box like Amanda Allen, Stephanie Ortiz, Tristan Jones, Kosta Mastromihalis to name a few, and thinking they were doing the impossible; butterfly pull-ups, muscle ups, cleaning 80kgs (which for me back then was hard work) but I was determined to get better. The best thing about it was those same people gave me encouragement, they supported me, screamed at me during WODs to keep going and made me feel a part of something. I couldn’t put my finger on it for a while and struggled to explain to others why I loved it so much. Many people commented that I looked healthier and happier which, was true but when I said they should try CrossFit they all said “I can’t do CrossFit, it’s too hard”. This is where I struggled to explain why I loved it so much and why anyone could do it. But now I know why CrossFit is so successful… The Community! The Community behind CrossFit is why this is the greatest sport I have ever competed in and why after 2 years & 10 months I still can’t get enough and am addicted to the community, the rush, the sheer enjoyment after killing myself and rolling around on the floor… I crave that feeling of hurt!

CrossFit doesn’t promote rivalries, doesn’t segregate, doesn’t have clicks, doesn’t laugh at others when they are starting out, doesn’t laugh at others achievements (no matter how small they are) but promotes a team atmosphere where everyone helps each other to get better… there is nothing like it!

If when I first started you told me I could do everything I can now I wouldn’t believe you and the crazy thing is I don’t even think it’s that great; I only want to get better. I don’t want to get better because I want to be better than everyone else but because of the challenges I set myself.

So the reason why I joined is still a reason why I keep training hard but after sitting on 75kgs for a few months I no longer care about getting bigger but I care about getting better and by better I mean more mobile, stronger and faster.

Everyone has their own journey and some people excel straight away while others take time, hey that’s life but if you stick at it you can achieve so much more than you first think. I am looking forward to my next 3 years at CrossFit Adelaide and smashing my times that I am setting now; it’s a journey and I’m loving every minute of it!

George Moustakas

Before CrossFit

After CrossFit


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