Meet The Box Community’s Newest Ambassador, Mason Doherty!

The team at The Box Community is extremely excited and proud to announce Mason Doherty as our newest TBC Ambassador.

Mason is a competitive and influential CrossFit athlete, Coach and CrossFit affiliate owner at CrossFit MSD in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.

He has been successfully competing in and enjoying CrossFit since 2011 and has been fortunate enough to compete at the Australia CrossFit Regionals in 2016 where he placed 31st.

Away from the box and the world of CrossFit Mason enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with his wife and beloved dog and eating Nutella! Mason leads a healthy, energetic, and positive lifestyle and advocates that if you work on your weaknesses and work hard on your goals every day that you can achieve anything.

So, what’s next for this superstar CrossFit athlete? To keep being the best person he can be whilst positively changing his members lives and build a strong CrossFit community in Tasmania.

Mason Doherty

Name: Mason Doherty

Age: 26

Sports followed: Mainly CrossFit. I used to follow other sports a lot more, but CrossFit kind of took over. Sports I like to keep up with the most would be AFL, NBA and some of the NRL. I enjoy all sports though. I love snowboarding, but this is something I don’t get to do often.

Favourite CrossFit athlete: I don’t have a particular favourite. I look up to all the top guys and girls. I will add my most influential athlete though. His name is Drummond Williamson, he is an OG in Australian CrossFit. He’s competed at regionals so many times and lives here in Tassie. This guy may not know this, but without him, I don’t think I’d be where I am today. From day one of my CrossFit journey all I’ve ever wanted to do is get better than him. He set the standard high for me. So I worked my ass to one day catch up to him. Then in my first year at regionals, he came over to help me out as my coach, which I really appreciated.

Favourite WOD & why?  I guess I don’t have a “favourite” I just do what needs to be done. I enjoy some more than others, but really couldn’t tell you a single favorite. I do have a love hate relationship with 14.5/16.5 as it was that workout that was the last step to my journey to finally making regionals and finishing 11th in the Open. So as bad as it was, I enjoyed it because it was the last piece to the puzzle to get me to my long term goal.

Favourite movement/Exercise?  Wall balls, pull ups, double unders. Not handstand push ups!

Favourite post mod meal? My post workout is a shake with carbs and protein and my next meal is generally rice and some form of protein. Pretty standard really. I do enjoy Nutella a lot though. Maybe a little to much HAHA.

Have you always excelled at sport? No way. Growing up as a kid, I was very overweight. I was always into sports though, but never took anything to serious other than skating and those types of sports. When I started grade 7 I was 100kg. As I got older, I started to lose weight but it wasn’t till I left grade 10 that I decided to really get into fitness. The rest is now history. Fitness is now my life.

What got you involved in the sport of CrossFit? I got into CrossFit as a way to improve my fitness. But then found out that this could be something I’m actually good at. I spent my entire life trying to find the one thing that I was good at. This was it, so naturally I decided to really give it 100%.

Why do you love CrossFit so much? I love it for so many reasons. Firstly, I’m an affiliate owner and love working with people on a day to day basis helping them achieve their own awesomeness. I love the community of it and how it brings everyone together. I love CrossFit for the personal challenge it provides me as a competitor on a day to day basis. As I said before, I’ve searched for something that I could try excel at and this is it. It’s given me a great lifestyle, great friends and has made me a better human in general. I get to do this with so many amazing people which makes it even more worth while.

Goals for 2017: Stay healthy, no injuries and get back to regionals. I feel I have unfinished business as I did well in the Open last year, then tore my meniscus 2 weeks after the Open. So went into regionals with an injury and no real training for 5 weeks or so. I’m keen to prove to myself that I’m still able to compete with the big boys, even after having the majority of 2016 off.

Favourite quotes: “Enjoy the process.” / “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.” / “Don’t quit, suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.”

My ethos: I aim to always be happy, highly motivated and honest. I try to be a person that people enjoy being around. I do my best to be a good husband to my beautiful wife (Lisa) and father to my fur baby (Logan). I feel if I do those things well, then everything else I do is going to be great. It’s hard to be a bad person if I do the above well.

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