The Photo That Started My Journey

Hi my name is Sabine ; I am currently 45, just about to have my 46th birthday and I train at CrossFit Woolloongabba in Brisbane. I train under Coach Liam Kinzett and I owe the coach and the community my new life ?


I can happily say my story is a success story, from an unhappily overweight administration person who spent most of her day sitting to a thriving CrossFitter looking forward to her third Open.


Over my journey I lost 30kg’s, most of my allergies (non symptomatic) including asthma.


I started Crossfit classes during the 2016 Open and very quickly fell in love with the sport, the community and my local CrossFit family. I have received so much support and enthusiasm from like minded people who all want to improve their health and fitness, it’s a great place to learn and tackle each movement and goal. When I began this journey I could barely lift the bar, now I can lift one and half times my body weight. In the beginning I never imagined myself doing pull-ups and rope climbs, but now these are just a few of this years achieved movements.


Summing up, I love Crossfit. If I could offer any advice… try it… you may fall in love like me. Also if you manage to find yourself don’t forget to bookmark yourself so you can find yourself again later.





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