“Focus on the positives in your life, focus on what makes you happy, focus on improving yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Live with no regrets and act as though its impossible to fail.”

TBC Apparel Mission

At TBC Apparel we create apparel for those people striving to reach their goals; the dreamers, the athletes, the gym owners and for the everyday people turning up, putting in the work and getting it done. Greatness comes in many forms, it lies within everyone and at TBC Apparel we see that greatness. No matter how big or small, from achieving a P.R. to even achieving your first pull up, we are all capable of achieving greatness every single day. Recognise your greatness and join the community.

Who is TBC Apparel?

George Moustakas

With a background in Australian Rules Football and a competitive amateur Muay Thai Boxer George has over 15 years’ experience in the Fitness industry. The last 4 years have seen him develop a passion for CrossFit and he thrives on working out, punishing himself with the daily WOD and sharing in some light hearted banter with the CrossFit Adelaide crew. With a strong belief in a positive thinking and that there is no substitute for hard work George has continued to grow and contribute to the local Fitness community.