Mason Doherty

The team at TBC Apparel is extremely proud to have Mason Doherty as a TBC Apparel Ambassador.

Mason is a competitive and influential CrossFit athlete, Coach and CrossFit affiliate owner at CrossFit MSD in Burnie, Tasmania, Australia.

He has been successfully competing in and enjoying CrossFit since 2011 and has been fortunate enough to compete at the Australia CrossFit Regionals in 2016 where he placed 31st.

Away from the box and the world of CrossFit Mason enjoys drinking coffee, spending time with his wife and beloved dog and eating Nutella! Mason leads a healthy, energetic, and positive lifestyle and advocates that if you work on your weaknesses and work hard on your goals every day that you can achieve anything.

So, what’s next for this superstar CrossFit athlete? To keep being the best person he can be whilst positively changing his members lives and build a strong CrossFit community in Tasmania.