Victoria Doidge

The team at TBC Apparel is extremely proud to have Victoria Doidge on as a TBC Apparel Ambassador.

Victoria Doidge is a 23 year old wife, mum, gym owner & coach from South Australia.
She has been in the fitness industry for almost 10 years & a coach for the last 8 years; 4 years ago, along with her husband, she opened up a strength & conditioning gym in Mount Gambier.

A typical day for Vic is fully revolved around her children, not because she has to but because she chooses to prioritise them above everything else, Vic is a young mum and always wanted to be. Zach & Vic are lucky enough to own a gym and both share in the same passion which, is fitness. She is truly grateful to have this common love for training/competing with Zach. They train together as a family everyday, all 4 of them. They do their best to keep one eye on their kids while they throw bars around as it’s just how they like to do it. Having their kids around teaches them that while training to become the best possible version of themselves within the sport of crossfit is the goal, that they are still the centre, and drives them. Vic truly loves testing her body and unintentionally becoming an advocate for women in the fitness/mother world makes her journey even more rewarding. Vic (as we are) is so excited to be partnering TBC apparel & excited for what the future holds. 

What’s next for this inspirational person? To keep being the best role model for her children, her clients and women everywhere!