5 Reasons Why CrossFit Works

Whether you are a CrossFit disciple or not you can’t dismiss that the CrossFit community is here to stay. As more and more boxes open worldwide we look at 5 of the main reasons why this sport continues to grow and why people are falling in love with working out.

  1. Community

CrossFit is a community! How many times have you first met someone and found out they CrossFit and instantly you have a bond like no other. The CrossFit community is one of the most supportive, encouraging and motivating factors behind its success and it makes you feel a part of something, something unique, something inspiring that is a part of you. It’s a culture that promotes success and an environment that is addictive; more addictive than bacon. CrossFit gives ownerships to its members and gives each individual a sense of ‘belonging’. You may join for different reasons altogether but I guarantee you that you will stay for the community.

  1. Friendship

I’m not sure about you but some of my closest friends are also CrossFitters and I haven’t known them my whole life. The bonds you form whilst working out together, supporting each other, motivating each other, creates friendships that will last an eternity, because when it comes down to it you know your CrossFit friends will be there to help, love and support you. As CrossFitters we have our own language that other people just don’t understand; EMOM, AMRAP, Box, HSPU, Paleo, these are terms and words that have completely different meanings to CrossFitters and can either excite or scare you and these are emotions we can only share with our CrossFit friends. People that CrossFit together, stay together.

  1. Fitness & Strength

Having owned a gym for 11 years I have seen my fair share of people join the gym to lose weight, to get stronger and fitter and although I tried my hardest to help them achieve this, the vast majority of people did not achieve their goals. Having played and tried almost every sport and type of fitness I at times struggled to achieve this but I can safely say I have never been stronger and fitter that right now. I have also never seen so many drastic changes in people’s body shape, cardiovascular fitness and strength whilst at CrossFit Adelaide; so the reasons why people join ultimately might not be the reason why they stay but the reason why they joined just becomes a bonus on why they stay. CrossFit works because of variety and as we all know: Variety is the spice of life.

  1. Becoming a role-model

Whether you want to be or you don’t want to be, guess what? You are. You are a role model to your friends, family and co-workers. By being a CrossFitter you are saying to the world I am investing in myself, I am spending time on improving myself mentally and physically. I am challenging myself and trying to become better. I am not investing in materialistic crap but on my body so I can become stronger, fitter, healthier and set an example for my friends and if you are a parent most importantly your kids. Don’t underestimate how your actions influence others and embrace being a role model. Ignore the haters who doubt you, laugh at you because haters gonna hate.

  1. To be hot as hell!

Tell me who looks better than a CrossFitter? What’s hotter than a CrossFitter hitting a PR? What’s hotter than a CrossFitter working out? What’s hotter than a CrossFitter in fresh new workout apparel? Nothing. Strong is the new skinny and Rich Froning is the new age “Bodybuilder”.

Now I know that there are many more reasons why CrossFit works and although you may argue that other reasons not listed are more important I’m sure you will agree that CrossFit works and the aforementioned 5 reasons are powerful and contribute to the success of the sport. CrossFit is neither a fad, nor a cult but rather a movement towards a healthier, fitter and stronger society and its gaining momentum as every box opens globally. Enjoy the ride.



George Moustakas

With a background in Australian Rules Football and as an competitive amateur Muay Thai Boxer George has over 13 years’ experience in the Fitness industry. The last 3 years have seen him develop a passion for CrossFit and he thrives on working out, punishing himself with the daily WOD and sharing in some light hearted banter with the CrossFit Adelaide crew. With a strong belief in positive thinking and that there is no substitute for hard work George has continued to grow and contribute to the local CrossFit community.


“Focus on the positives in your life, focus on what makes you happy, focus on improving yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Live with no regrets and act as though it’s impossible to fail.”

George Moustakas

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