The Festive Season

The festive season is upon us and this is ultimately a happy time but unfortunately for some it can be a time of regret and self loathing come the start of the new year. I hope you enjoy yourself but still maintain the healthy habits you worked so hard to instill in yourself over the last 11.5 months.

Have a Merry Christmas, enjoy the festive season and get set for a massive 2017. Here’s some helpful tips for the festive season!


5 Things to avoid during the Christmas break…

  1. Avoid over indulgences. Find the events that matters for you and have a good time at 1 of those not all of them!
  2. Avoid too much alcohol. Every standard drink of wine is 70 cal—most wine glasses contain 2½ standard drinks = 150 calories. It’s OK to drink alcohol in moderation just don’t let it turn into a 7 day bender.
  3. Avoid snacking. Every handful of chips/nuts is roughly 200 calories; a little innocent Lindt Chocolate Ball is 75 calories. Often we only snack between meals because it is there … not because we are hungry. (Now calories don’t count for everything but this seems to be the currency people most often understand.)
  4. Avoid being inactive. The festive season will generally disrupt your routine and your good habits will diminish during this period. Do your best to stay active and keep up with your healthy habits.
  5. Finally avoid letting go! If you have the attitude that ‘it doesn’t matter’ then it will matter. If you let your guard down, you will be one of those fighting to return to your healthy shape/fitness for the next 3 months!


5 Things to do during the Christmas break…

  1. Drink lots of water. Have two glasses of water for every alcohol drink. Save the calories and save the headaches.
  2. Be active. Every day you need to be active, don’t take a break from the box.
  3. Fresh Food First. Always aim to get fresh food, whether it is sea food or vegetables and fruit before any processed foods. The processed food contains too many additives and sugars you don’t need in your system.
  4. Never go to events hungry! What’s the first thing you crave when you are hungry? Processed, sugary food. Eat as you normally would and don’t starve yourself because you want to load up on processed food and alcohol.
  5. Small serves. Don’t load up your plate with hungry eyes. Dish up small serves & wait 30 minutes before you head back for seconds.


Enjoy the festive season just don’t regret the festive season.


George Moustakas

With a background in Australian Rules Football and as an competitive amateur Muay Thai Boxer George has over 14 years’ experience in the Fitness industry. The last 4 years have seen him develop a passion for CrossFit and he thrives on working out, punishing himself with the daily WOD and sharing in some light hearted banter with the CrossFit Adelaide crew. With a strong belief in positive thinking and that there is no substitute for hard work George has continued to grow and contribute to the local CrossFit community.


“Focus on the positives in your life, focus on what makes you happy, focus on improving yourself spiritually, mentally and physically. Live with no regrets and act as though it’s impossible to fail.”

George Moustakas


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