Meet The Box Community’s Newest Ambassador, Darcia Ondrovcik!

The team at The Box Community is extremely excited and proud to announce Darcia Ondrovcik as our newest TBC Ambassador. Darcia is a competitive and influential CrossFit athlete, CrossFit coach and personal trainer in Brisbane, Australia. She has been successfully competing in and enjoying CrossFit since 2011 and has been fortunate enough to compete at […]

The Most Important Connection Between Muscles and Organs You’ve Never Heard Of

It’s not taught in medical schools. It’s not talked about in strength and conditioning communities. But literally every Applied Kinesiologist, Chiropractor and some savvy Naturopaths and Massage Therapists know it to be a fact. Every important hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, neck and back stabilising muscle has a direct neurological link to a particular organ. You […]